A contemporary hotel with a difference

An ultra-modern atmosphere is combined with the subtle fragrances of the past. The hotel's eye-catching art deco façade conceals an elegant, intimate world that captivates you as soon as you enter. Architect-designer Axel Schoenert has created an uncluttered Zen atmosphere with contemporary decor that contributes to the feeling of calmness and relaxation. The Hotel Gabriel Paris Marais is the first "Detox Hotel" that is totally dedicated to well-being and the regeneration of the body.The Detox concept centres around respecting natural balance with the purification of the body, sleep and healthy food providing the keys to overall well-being. Skincare treatment based on an ancestral japanese method is available on reservation at the front desk. Come and enjoy a unique experience, the Gabriel experience.


The buffet breakfast consists of an organic menu: the cereals, milk, cheese, yoghurt, honey, jams, eggs, 5 sorts of bread, some of the teas, fruit basket... and the pastries are all products of organic farming. Your body can therefore have a chance to detoxify from the chemical products and preservatives normally present in these foods.


Anti-oxidant drinks and numerous teas and infusions are served all day long in a lounge and well being ambiance.